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The Amateur Pool League (APL) is a call pocket league that offers a 25 point team handicap with individual handicaps ranging from 2-7.  The APL offers a Vegas Qualifier after each and every session (3 times a year) in both 8-ball and 9-ball.  Best of all if you can’t make the trip to Vegas for any reason, you don’t lose out, you can take the cash!

While the level of desire to compete is high, there are plenty of opportunities for beginners and players of any skill level who want to improve their game and at the same time have fun. The APL has designed a handicap system which allows all players of any skill level to compete fairly against each other.

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APL Regional 9-ball qualifier Gold and Silver Tier

April 26-27-28

first round board     main board



APL Regional 8-ball qualifier Silver Tier April 12-13-14, 2019

APL 9-Ball National Qualifier "Gold and Silver" Tiers December 7-8-9, 2018 at Appeteazers Bar and Restaurant and Downingtown VFW.
Gold Tier

1st place - Just Play Safe 2.0

Captain Jim Ryan, other players on the team are: Tom Wills lll, Malia Edmunds, Mark Moerder, Brandon Ferguson, Tom Ousey, James Farrell and Mr. Albert Muccilli

2nd place - Markley U

Silver Tier

1st place- Ya Got Trouble.

Captain Jim Ryan, other players on the team are: Brian Whiteman, Tom Bennett, Rob Trout, Dead-eye Davis, and Pat Sellers

2nd place - Next Level

APL National 8-Ball Qualifier - East Divisions. November 8-9-10-11, 2018:
Gold Tier: We paid 8 places.
1st. place - Cayey Warriors, 2nd. place - McMenemy Post, 3rd. - 4th. place First Responders and Arecibo 2.
5th. - 8th. place Where's My Beer?, 8-Ball Stompers, Underdogs, and Dream Slayers

Silver Tier: We paid 8 places.
1st. Place - Limited Edition, 2nd. place - The Untouchables. 3rd. - 4th. place Shut Your Mouth and Great 8 Pool Sharks. 5th. - 8th. place Honey I shrunk The Nina, What's Our Name, Can't Touch Us, High Smooth.

APL National 8-Ball Qualifier - West Divisions. November 16-17-18, 2018:
Gold Tier:

1st. place - Smoken Aces. 2nd. place Perky Shooters.

APL National 8-Ball Qualifier - West Divisions. November 16-17-18, 2018:
Silver Tier.

1st. place - Shooters. 2nd. place The Gallery Gunners


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