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When you become a member of the Amateur Pool League you also have a membership with the BCA Pool League.   The Amateur Pool League is sanctioned by the BCA Pool League. 

The APL holds a higher level tournament after each session for both 8-ball and 9-ball.

Being part of the Amateur Pool League gives you many choices.

If your team wins the 8-ball Vegas Qualifier but wants to participate in the BCA National 9-ball tournament you can make that choice. 

The same applies if you win the Vegas 9-ball Qualifier but want to enter in the BCA National 8-ball tournament you can.

Another big benefit of playing in the Amateur Pool League is that if you want to enter either BCA National tournaments but did not win the Vegas Qualifier you can.  You or your team can enter any of these tournaments including the singles, scotch doubles, 10-ball, two man team, women's, men or trophy division at your own expense.

Imagine being able to enter a National Pool tournament without winning a Vegas Qualifier.  Another great reason to join a BCA sanctioned league, the APL.

Best of all you meet other people, have fun and play pool.  For more information on how to join the APL call 610-269-8302 to join today.






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