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  "Super 7's"

" There are countless ways of attaining greatness, but any road to reaching one's maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity. " 

While some of us are gifted most are not.  This page is dedicated to the players that have achieved greatness in their field by reaching the skill level "7" in the APL.

To become great in any field one has to persist and persevere.  These players have put in the time and hard work to achieve their present status.  This page is dedicated to the skill level "7", congratulations.

Players Handicap 7 Skill Level
Handicap First Name Last Name Active
7 Anthony Barnard active
7 Barry Becker active
7 Carl Blair active
7 John "Nassau Daddy" Campbell active
7 Anthony Capaldo active
7 Abdel Chams-Eddine active
7 Gordon Davis active
7 Kevin Davis active
7 Stephen Glackin active
7 Jordan Greenberg active
7 Roger Hannum*A active
7 Kenneth Harmon active
7 Raymond Hayward active
7 James Hertzog active
7 Daniel Hicks active
7 John Hopkins active
7 Rick Horvath active
7 Jeffrey Horvath active
7 Evan Jackson*A active
7 Anthony Johnson active
7 Anthony Kenote active
7 Steven Killinger active
7 Kenneth King active
7 Robert Landis active
7 Jackson Manley active
7 Charles Marshall active
7 Daniel Marshman active
7 Joseph Middlebrooks, Jr. active
7 Al Muccilli active
7 William "Bill" Oakes active
7 Joseph "JJ" O'Donnell active
7 Shawn Oliver active
7 Reinaldo Ortega active
7 John Patania active
7 Daniel Pearre active
7 Thomas Richards active
7 Benjamin Rosado active
7 Kenneth Simcox active
7 Michael Snead avtive
7 Gregory Sorg active
7 Joseph Stern active
7 Conroy Stevens active
7 Raymond Townsend lll active
7 Charles Vohringer active
7 Charles Wallace active




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